Spotlight on Ziggeo’s Face Outline Feature

One of the major dating sites suggested we release a feature that guided people on where to position their faces when creating a video profile.  That’s how our Face Outline feature came to be.

We created a simple oval that developers can enable or disable that shows the suggested positioning of a face when recording a video.

So this way, it’s less likely you’ll receive videos of folks who’ve decided to film their entire selves so their heads appear tiny in the frame (which has happened to us in the past).

But if your videos are supposed to capture the world around you — and not one person’s face — or if you find outline distracting — the Face Outline need not be enabled.  In fact, the default position is such that the Face Outline is disabled so you or your developer needs to actively enable it.  You can find more about that here.

Ziggeo’s API for video recording and playback is an easy way to have your community record and submit videos from any mobile or other device.

Ziggeo is Ideal Video Tool for Advertising Campaigns

Advertising agencies and brands are recognizing that Ziggeo has made it easy to record, submit and launch user-generated videos. Brands are recognizing that user-generated videos:

  •  Are helpful for spreading the word and creating SEO value as more content around a particular brand is published and shared
  • Are authentic means of expression that can reveal real experiences of customers and the community
  • Engage the community and can build excitement (imagine, for instance, a contest where submissions are in video form; winners can be voted on from the community)
  • By embedding your brand logo into videos that are then launched to YouTube or Facebook, your brand gets showcased along with the videos

By including just a few lines of code on your site, customers or your community can easily record and submit videos to your private dashboard where you can launch them to YouTube or Facebook.  Here’s how it works:

  • Send a link or ask folks to go to your website where they’ll find an embedded video recorder.
  • Once they click on the link or recorder, a screen will pop up on their phones or computers where they can start recording themselves or the world around them
  • After they’ve finished recording, they hit submit and videos go directly to your private dashboard.
  • From your dashboard you can moderate the videos and select which videos you want to launch
  • Add your logo or overlay to any video you like
  • Download the videos or automatically launch them to YouTube
  • Generate a page for Facebook so videos can show up in feeds. See details.

We’re excited to see all the different and creative ways brands and agencies use Ziggeo in their campaigns.

Ziggeo’s Video API is an embeddable video recorder and player that makes it easy to record and play videos across all devices, platforms and apps.  Mobile-friendly, we handle all the recording, transcoding, playback, media-management, and storage/hosting.

Ziggeo’s Secret Sauce: Media Management Dashboard

One of the benefits of using Ziggeo is having a built-in media-management dashboard.  Here’s how it’s helpful: imagine wanting to collect tens, hundreds or even thousands of videos.  Without a media management tool, those videos would most likely be coming into your email inbox from all different places.  You’d have dig to find each of those links, and then it would be really difficult to rate the videos, keep track of the best ones, and share the videos with your colleagues.

With Ziggeo, videos that are recorded and submitted go directly into your dashboard.  And from there, you can easily rate videos, tag them so you can easily find them, share the videos with your colleagues, download them, and generally keep track of them.

You can find out more about our video dashboard here.

This media management tool is one of the secret sauces as to what makes Ziggeo the best in class when it comes to selecting a video recording/playback API.

Known as the “Twilio for Video” Ziggeo’s API for video recording/playback is the best video API out there.

Ziggeo is the “Twilio for Video”

When we presented at Tech Breakfast in Philadelphia last month, Ron Schmelzer commented that Ziggeo was really the “Twilio for video”.

We’re delighted by this comparison given that it encapsulates our dedication to developing a best-in-class, flexible and developer friendly API technology.

Ziggeo is an API for video recording/playback, an embeddable video recorder that handles the womb to tomb of video creation: video recording, transcoding, playback and storage, together with a media management dashboard.

Ziggeo’s Video APIs Get Better and Better

We’re on a mission here at Ziggeo to continually improve our set of APIs. Here are our latest releases:

  • New Client-side events, allowing you to track the user being ready to record, the playback being finished and more
  • Reusable embedding, allowing you to reset them to the initial state using JavaScript and more
  • New Configuration options, allowing you to immediately play a video back after recording, to disable the countdown and more
  • New JavaScript embed control methods, allow you to stop the recording, stop the playback, start the recording, start the playback and more

Ziggeo‘s set of video APIs makes it easy to record and play videos on any device, platform or app.  We handle video recording, transcoding, playback and storage as well as media management.

Ziggeo Organizing First Video Hack Day 

Ziggeo is excited to be spearheading the first annual Video Hack Day to take place in New York City this coming spring.  It’s the very first Video Hack Day — and one we hope will be an exciting day in the history of the development of video.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, providing space or helping to organize Video Hack Day, please contact:

Ziggeo’s best in class video API, with its embeddable video recorder, ensures that videos can be recorded and played across all browsers, apps, and devices, including mobile.

Engineering a Better Customer Service Experience

Ziggeo is leading the way in creating a superior customer service experience for our clients.

We’ve developed a simple way to detect any issues clients were having (which luckily have been rare).  Here’s what we’ve done:

We created a page where we ask folks to go using the same device and browser where they were experiencing issues.  Through a series of instant, diagnostic tests, we can immediately understand where issues lie — and move quickly to resolve them.

In the past, we experienced lots of back and forth trying to identify where exactly issues occurred.  Now there’s no more guess work.

Ziggeo: The video API for developers.

Ziggeo’s empowers better recording of videos

Ziggeo has released a number of features that ensure the highest quality user-generated videos.

They include:

  • light meter that lets you know before recording a video if there is not enough light
  • sound meter that lets you know when the volume is too low
  • face outline that can be enabled for e.g. video commentary so folks know how to properly position their faces.

Ziggeo is a video API that ensures that videos can be recorded and played across devices (including mobile), sites and apps. We handle the recording, transcoding, playback and storage.

Ziggeo Releases WebRTC

Ziggeo is excited to announce that our WebRTC recorder is now live for browsers that fully support WebRTC. This release ensures that Ziggeo remains state-of-the-art and demonstrates our commitment to making Ziggeo the best in class of any video APIs out there.

You can enable it by adding the following line of code to your website’s header:

ZiggeoApi.Config.webrtc = true;

Ziggeo‘s video API is an embeddable video recorder and player that handles the recording, transcoding, playback, hosting/storage and media management of videos.