Ziggeo Announces release of Spanish Language Video Recorder

¿Hablas español? Well, now Ziggeo’s video recorder does! Ziggeo is pleased to announce that instructions for end-users on how to record videos using Ziggeo’s recorder are now available in Spanish. All you need to do is select Spanish as your preferred language.

So now any Spanish language site can seamlessly integrate a video recorder — or shall we say: a “video grabadora”.

Instant Video Testimonials + Contest for Best API Integration

We can’t believe how quickly the summer has flown by. The entire Ziggeo team has been hard at work — well, except maybe the founders. Oliver was caught hiking in Mallorca (“Mallorcans are avid Ziggeo fans!” he claims) — and Susan spotted driving 500+ miles in one day (“testing out highway wifi capabilities” she stresses).

Here’s the latest from Ziggeo:

  • Instant Video Testimonials: Ziggeo has just released an easy way for your customers to record videos that can be automatically displayed on your site in a great looking showcase. And the best part? The first 100 minutes of testimonials are free! You can read more about them here.
  • Win an iPad Mini: We’re giving away a free iPad mini this month for the best integration of Ziggeo’s API. And we have a little something for everyone who enters. We’re excited to see what you come up with. You can read more about it here.

Contest for Best Integration of Ziggeo’s API

This month (August, 2014) we’ll be giving away a free iPad mini for the best integration of Ziggeo’s API.
And we have a little something for everyone who enters.

Any app, site or platform that integrates Ziggeo’s API for video recording/playback will be considered.
So whether you’ve integrated video profiles, video comments, video reviews, video messages, video testimonials, candidate videos for a recruiting platform or any other use of our API, you’ll be eligible.

And in addition, you’ll be considered for Ziggeo’s Spotlight series, highlighting uses of Ziggeo’s API.

You can find entry details here.

We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Ziggeo’s Instant Video Testimonials

We’ve just launched Instant Video Testimonials, an easy way for your customers to record videos that can be automatically displayed on your site in a great looking showcase.

Customers simply click a link you provide that will open up a recording screen on their phone, computer or tablet. Here’s what customers will see.
Customer videos will be automatically displayed once customers finish recording.

The display showcase is now open-sourced so you can change the look and feel as you like. You can add the most appropriate title, change the fonts and alter the background color so it fits with your brand.

You can also choose to make each video public only once it’s approved, limit the maximum recording time or download videos as you like.

Studies show that people are 85% more likely to click to buy when they they watch associated videos. No surprise there: hearing from genuinely enthusiastic customers is incredibly powerful.

And the best part? The first 100 minutes of video testimonials are free. That may in fact be all you need.

You can find more information here on Ziggeo.

Spotlight on Dangerous Roads NYC Integration of Video using Ziggeo

Ziggeo presented this past weekend at the BigApps Competition, and to our delight, one of the contestants, Dangerous Roads NYC, used Ziggeo to integrate a video component.  Videos are clearly a powerful way for the public to record and submit videos of dangerous roads around New York.

We’ll let him tell his story himself — and what better way than on video!

Here’s Jared Strone on his project and integration with Ziggeo:

Video Messages for Dating

How many times have you read someone’s profile, seen their photo, arranged to meet — and the person who showed up was, well, not who you expected.
Video messages takes the surprise out of on-line dating. You can exchange video messages on your own time (they’re asynchronous) so no need to schedule calls or arrange for live Skype sessions. Or meet for the dreaded blind date.
We’ve created a demo (TO LINK) of Ziggeo’s API for video messages where you can see them in action.
Think of how much time you’ll save with video messages.
And no more blind dates!

Ziggeo Open Sources Video Q and A

Ziggeo has just open-sourced a video Q and A tool that lets questions be recorded on video — and answers to those questions be recorded on video as well.

This open source video Q and A tool is based in Ziggeo’s entry to NYC’s Big Apps completion (TO LINK TO BIG APPS) which can be found here at officiallyspeakingnyc.com. There you can see how questions can be recorded and people can up-vote questions they deem most important.

This video Q and A tool uses Ziggeo’s API for video recording and playback so that it can include the following functionality:

  • videos can be both recorded and played on any device (including mobile)
  • no downloading of apps is required; you can record right from your browser
  • videos can be moderated and curated so whether or not they’re made public — or shared with a particular community — is up to you.

Video Messages for Reporting Work in Progress

Ziggeo’s API for video recording and playback can easily be used to record and submit video messages.

Video messages could be used to report any work in progress or issues found. Instead of written comments or individual photos, video messages could be submitted that shows — on video — the actual work done accompanied by a recorded explanation.

Similarly, work specs could be recorded on video so that contractors, employees and freelancers others can easily see required work. We are big believers in no surprises; video messages are one way to cut down in the element of surprise.

Video Reviews Now Open Sourced

We are pleased to announced that we’ve just open sourced a video review solution that can be integrated into any site or platform. What’s a video review? Well, imagine a written review of any product or service — but in video form.  So you can easily see someone’s delight in your product or service — and even have them show the product off in video.

Our solution is based on a prize-winning hack we did for the Sears Hackathon. We figure if they liked it, any e-commerce site might appreciate it as well.

So now, after installing our video review solution, customers can record videos by clicking on a button on your site — or clicking on a link you send — and that link will open up a recorder right on any phone or computer from which a video review of a product or service can be recorded and directly submitted to you. There you’ll have a chance to curate the videos and feature the ones you love — or instantly make them public — it’s all up to you.

Ziggeo Enables Instant Video Testimonials

Ziggeo has just enabled Instant Video Testimonials which allows your customers or clients to record testimonials of products or services and have them instantly submitted and featured on your own wall of videos.  It’s a great way to showcase testimonials so that people can see and hear first hand from satisfied customers.  Videos can be recorded instantly from any phone or other device and are displayed in an attractive wall of videos.

Once you’re ready, you can simply send out a link to all your customers and watch the videos come in. Ziggeo will host your videos so there is nothing more for you to do. And for those videos you don’t like or don’t want to feature, you can always delete them via a dashboard.

You can also use Ziggeo’s API to further customize how you’d like your video testimonials to be presented.

And here’s the best part: the first 100 minutes of video are free.