Happy Birthmas!

It’s Birthmas time here at Ziggeo with the launch of these brand new features (borne from late night feedings and sleepless nights):

Facebook Integration: videos can now be liked and shared on Facebook. And you can view the number of likes and shares on your Ziggeo dashboard. Read more (also about our YouTube integration).

Searchable videos: videos can be automatically tagged with keywords (generated from our audio transcription) so your videos become searchable. Read more.

HD: you can now record or upload your videos in HD. Read more.

Parlez Vous Video?: Our recorder (and instructions) can now be found in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

You can find all our features here.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season.

P.S. Susan will be celebrating her twins’ own Birthmas as they were born on Christmas Eve.

Adding automatic keyword extraction

We have launched another analytic feature: automatic keyword extraction based on the automatic audio transcription. This enables you to categorise recorded videos automatically without even needing to watch them. Ideal for all kinds of survey applications.

Adding automatic audio transcription

We are proud to present our first deep analytic feature: unsupervised automatic audio transcription of videos. Once a video has been recorded, we analyse the full spoken content and extract a transcription. You can listen to it via web hooks or query the respective videos directly.

The Dish on Ziggeo

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s the latest dish on Ziggeo —

We’ve now released:

  • A moderation dashboard where videos can be easily accepted, rejected, rated, shared and tagged — details here.
  • A Java SDK, which complements our server-side SDKs of PHP, Ruby, NodeJS and Python. You can get the Java SDK here.
  • Ziggeo as a Heroku add-on, which means you can get set up with Ziggeo in no time on Heroku.  Details here.
  • Thanks to all our customers, partners, advisors and friends who’ve helped make Ziggeo the best API for video recording and playback out there.

Happy Thanksgiving!