Video Messages for Dating

How many times have you read someone’s profile, seen their photo, arranged to meet — and the person who showed up was, well, not who you expected.
Video messages takes the surprise out of on-line dating. You can exchange video messages on your own time (they’re asynchronous) so no need to schedule calls or arrange for live Skype sessions. Or meet for the dreaded blind date.
We’ve created a demo (TO LINK) of Ziggeo’s API for video messages where you can see them in action.
Think of how much time you’ll save with video messages.
And no more blind dates!

Ziggeo Open Sources Video Q and A

Ziggeo has just open-sourced a video Q and A tool that lets questions be recorded on video — and answers to those questions be recorded on video as well.

This open source video Q and A tool is based in Ziggeo’s entry to NYC’s Big Apps completion (TO LINK TO BIG APPS) which can be found here at There you can see how questions can be recorded and people can up-vote questions they deem most important.

This video Q and A tool uses Ziggeo’s API for video recording and playback so that it can include the following functionality:

  • videos can be both recorded and played on any device (including mobile)
  • no downloading of apps is required; you can record right from your browser
  • videos can be moderated and curated so whether or not they’re made public — or shared with a particular community — is up to you.

Video Messages for Reporting Work in Progress

Ziggeo’s API for video recording and playback can easily be used to record and submit video messages.

Video messages could be used to report any work in progress or issues found. Instead of written comments or individual photos, video messages could be submitted that shows — on video — the actual work done accompanied by a recorded explanation.

Similarly, work specs could be recorded on video so that contractors, employees and freelancers others can easily see required work. We are big believers in no surprises; video messages are one way to cut down in the element of surprise.

Video Reviews Now Open Sourced

We are pleased to announced that we’ve just open sourced a video review solution that can be integrated into any site or platform. What’s a video review? Well, imagine a written review of any product or service — but in video form.  So you can easily see someone’s delight in your product or service — and even have them show the product off in video.

Our solution is based on a prize-winning hack we did for the Sears Hackathon. We figure if they liked it, any e-commerce site might appreciate it as well.

So now, after installing our video review solution, customers can record videos by clicking on a button on your site — or clicking on a link you send — and that link will open up a recorder right on any phone or computer from which a video review of a product or service can be recorded and directly submitted to you. There you’ll have a chance to curate the videos and feature the ones you love — or instantly make them public — it’s all up to you.

Ziggeo Enables Instant Video Testimonials

Ziggeo has just enabled Instant Video Testimonials which allows your customers or clients to record testimonials of products or services and have them instantly submitted and featured on your own wall of videos.  It’s a great way to showcase testimonials so that people can see and hear first hand from satisfied customers.  Videos can be recorded instantly from any phone or other device and are displayed in an attractive wall of videos.

Once you’re ready, you can simply send out a link to all your customers and watch the videos come in. Ziggeo will host your videos so there is nothing more for you to do. And for those videos you don’t like or don’t want to feature, you can always delete them via a dashboard.

You can also use Ziggeo’s API to further customize how you’d like your video testimonials to be presented.

And here’s the best part: the first 100 minutes of video are free.


Ziggeo Features Video Yearbooks

Ziggeo has just launched the ability for any school or class to easily record and display digital video yearbooks. Now students can simply record themselves on video, saying whatever they like (or answering whichever questions a class or year pose, e.g. what’s your interests, favorite memories of the year, or dreams). Once a video is recorded, it can be directly submitted and featured on an attractive Wall of Videos.  Imagine students recording videos of themselves each year of a school — what a wonderful record of the students. Better than mere photographs, the video record can truly show how each student is maturing with age and experience.

Videos can be recorded and instantly submitted from any IOS or Android phone, computer or other device — so it’s easy for any student to participate.

You can make student yearbooks as private as you like.  So for instance, you can limit access to just the students in the class, parents and faculty.

Once you’re ready, you can simply setup your own Video Yearbook here.  You can then edit the headlines so that it refers to your school or class and include a sub-heading if you like.  Once you’re ready, you can simply send out a link to students and/or place the link on your site and watch the videos come in.  Ziggeo will host your videos so there is nothing more for you to do.

You can also use Ziggeo’s API to further customize how you’d like your student videos to presented.

And one more thing: for now, the first 100 minutes of video are free.

Personalized Video Messages Used for E-Greeting and E-Gift Cards

Ziggeo’s API has enabled companies that create e-greeting and e-gift cards to include personalized messages within the cards themselves.

The way it works is a customer who selects an e-card has the option not only of including a text message within the card but also a recorded video message.  By simply clicking a button on the site or together with the card, a customer can record a video right from his/her phone or computer and submit it directly to that it becomes a part of the e-card itself.

For Mother’s Day, for instance, people could select an e-greeting card and instead of writing a note to Mom in the card, they can simply record a video greeting telling their mom how much they love her.  Imagine how meaningful that would be to their mother, seeing her children’s faces and hearing first hand from them talk right to her.  What a wonderful way to commemorate their mom.

Similarly, with e-gift cards, a personalized video message can be recorded wishing the recipient their best, talking about the gift and the occasion around it.

Personalized video messages can lend a whole new dimension to e-cards.

Video Profiles Easily Integrated with Ziggeo

Incorporating video profiles on any site or platform has just been made that much easier with Ziggeo.  Now community members can simply record themselves on video, introducing themselves to their community, and can be automatically featured in an attractive “wall of videos” design Ziggeo has launched.   From employees at a large corporation introducing themselves to members of a group spread widely, it’s an ideal way for members of a community to get to know one another.

Videos can be recorded instantly from any phone, ipad, laptop, desktop or any other device — so it’s easy for any member of your community to instantly record his/her video.

You can also make Video Profiles as public or private as you like.  So for instance, you can limit access to the videos to community members only.

You can find a screenshot of what a Wall of Video Profiles might look like here on Ziggeo.

You can find a Sandbox here on Ziggeo where you can record yourself and experience how the recorder and player actually works.

You can also use Ziggeo’s API to further customize how you’d like your community videos to presented.

And one more thing: for now, the first 100 minutes of video are free.

Video Messages to Improve Customer Service

Clients of Ziggeo are starting to use Ziggeo’s API to improve customer service. They are finding that asynchronous video messages are an extremely useful tool to better (and more immediately) understand the customer’s issue. In particular, a customer can not only record the problem on video visually (e.g. show the back and front of a product), but with an accompanying explanation, the customer can more easily explain the issue at hand.

Often times a customer with words cannot fully explain or demonstrate the problem and as a result there is often times miscommunication back and forth, and an issue is not resolved as quickly as it ought to be. With Ziggeo’s video API, better and faster communication is a clear result.

In addition, with video messages, customer service can share videos with supervisors who can then also quickly understand the issue at hand.

And with a back and forth video messaging feature, the company can send a video message explaining what needs to be done.

In addition, video messaging can help consummate a sale. That is, if a customer has questions about a particular product before purchasing it, a video message that shows the product or what it can do is an easy way to resolve a question.

Ziggeo’s API also makes it extremely easy for a customer to record and submit a video.  No need to open a Youtube account, upload a video and send a link. The recording and submission is direct and easy.  And because issues can be recorded on an IOS or Android device, it’s easy to take a video wherever and whenever one is.

And finally, no need to download an app to record a video. Recording can occur straight from a browser.  So with the click of a button on a site or a click of a link in an email, recording can happen straight away and seamlessly.

In addition, with Ziggeo’s API videos can come straight into a dashboard where they can be managed and answered in an organized fashion.  Videos can also be tagged by clients so that they can be easily searched and found.

If you have any questions about Ziggeo’s API, please contact