The Dish on Ziggeo

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s the latest dish on Ziggeo —

We’ve now released:

  • A moderation dashboard where videos can be easily accepted, rejected, rated, shared and tagged — details here.
  • A Java SDK, which complements our server-side SDKs of PHP, Ruby, NodeJS and Python. You can get the Java SDK here.
  • Ziggeo as a Heroku add-on, which means you can get set up with Ziggeo in no time on Heroku.  Details here.
  • Thanks to all our customers, partners, advisors and friends who’ve helped make Ziggeo the best API for video recording and playback out there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Face outline added

You want to help your customers recording their faces in a uniform matter? No problem! We have added a face outline feature that allows you to overlay our recorder with the shape of a face:

<ziggeo zigged-face_outline="true"></ziggeo>

That’s it.

Ziggeo Releases New User-Friendly Dashboard

Ziggeo has just released a new and improved dashboard that makes sharing, searching, moderating and rating videos that much easier.

With the dashboard, you’ll be able to easily:

  • Invite people via email to your video dashboard
  • Set fine-grained permissions to make only certain parts of your dashboard visible to others
  • Tag videos so they are easily searchable
  • Mark which videos you want approved or rejected
  • Rate videos

You can see a sample dashboard here:
Screenshot 2014-11-05 14.47.02

Ziggeo is Going Public (kind of)

 YouTube LaunchZiggeo is going public – at least on YouTube. That is, you can now make any of your videos public by just clicking a button on your dashboard. Videos will then be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account.

Looking Fabu: Want to make sure folks are looking their best on video? These new, nifty features help them do just that. Now, before they hit record, folks will be able to see:

  • A light sensor which turns green when there’s enough light; and
  • An oval-shaped overlay which guides the proper placement of a face.

Of course like all our features, they can be enabled or disabled as you like.

Tip of the Day: Folks submitting videos don’t need to use Ziggeo’s recorder. You can allow videos to be uploaded to your dashboard from anywhere – and still benefit from Ziggeo’s features.